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About Us.

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My journey into the bike business began in 2012 with a Renault Master van, full to the nines with bike parts and industry specific tools. I offered mobile bike servicing and set up at Langney Market twice a week, to offer a pop up cycle repair shop and used bikes for sale, which I had restored.


By 2014 I'd moved into The Drill Hall at Westham and was now selling new bikes from Orbea, Merida and Raleigh, as well as used bikes. In 2014 Cycle Tech Eastbourne became a Limited Company and began to offer bikes through the Cycle to Work Scheme. I was also joined by Bartek, a brilliant bike mechanic, from whom I learned a great deal in the 2 years he was with me.


In October 2019 I moved to Anderida on Wallsend Road in Pevensey Bay, a higher profile, much nicer building with significant parking on site. A few months later 'Lock Down' started and business was spectacular for a few months. At the height of it there were 4 of us working full time, selling and fixing bikes. Parts became scarce, bikes became non-existant and by October there were just 2 of us working there, still busy with repairs, but no bikes to sell.


In 2021 I moved to the sale of new electric bikes, offering a range from Haibike, Lapierre and Raleigh. By October of 2021 I was solo again. 2022 saw better availability of bikes and I had a decent year, but October saw a significant slow down, and a very quiet 6 months through to Easter 2023.


By the summer of 2023 it was becoming clear that retailing electric bikes wasn't going to support the business, there was significant discounting of bikes online, and often bikes were being sold for less than I could buy them from my suppliers for. In October 2023 I took the decision to liquidate Cycle Tech Eastbourne Ltd, and move out of Anderida.


Eastbourne Cycles is my new venture, based purely on bicycle servicing and repairs. I've retained all of my suppliers, so can still offer servicing on Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, Fazua and GoCycle e-bikes. I'm also offering a Mobile Tune-up, which will suit most well maintained bikes that just need a tweek before an event, or start of the season.

The story continues.....

Image by Tom Austin
Image by Denise Jans
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